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UPDATED 11-Apr-2020

After looking for the Drum Maps for Cubase of Abbey Road Drummer, EZ Drummer 2 and Studio Drummer, I was not very successful in finding the right ones.
So I decided to recreate them from the PDF documents I got with my products. Conversion is a tedious process as the information does not exist in a simple List or table rather they come along in a diagonally layout (Studio Drummer) that drives you mad. At the end it was lots of copy and pasting and processing in a spreadsheet.

Finally I recreated the following which I like to share (ZIP files below) with the community.:

Abbey Road Drummer (native instruments) EZ Drummer 2 (Toontrack) Studio Drummer (native instruments)
ARDr 60s Early.drm
ARDr 60s Late.drm
ARDr 70s Open.drm  (new since 11-Apr-2020)
ARDr 70s Tight.drm  (new since 11-Apr-2020)
ARDr 80s Black.drm
ARDr 80s Chrome.drm
ARDr Modern Sparkle.drm
ARDr Modern White.drm

EZDr CustomShop Kit.drm

EZDr Modern Kit.drm

EZDr Vintage Kit.drm

EZDr Twisted Kit.drm   (new since 11-Apr-2020)

StDr Garage Kit.drm

StDr Session Kit.drm

StDr Stadium Kit.drm

ARDr_DrumMaps_12-2019 (ZIP) EZDr_DrumMaps_12-2019 (ZIP) StDr_DrumMaps_12-2019 (ZIP)

Have fun 🙂


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