Drum Maps for Cubase

Hello World!

After looking for the Drum Maps for Cubase of Abbey Road Drummer, EZ Drummer 2 and Studio Drummer, I was not very successful in finding the right ones.
So I decided to recreate them from the PDF documents I got with my products. Conversion is a tedious process as the information does not exist in a simple List or table rather they come along in a diagonally layout (Studio Drummer) that drives you mad. At the end it was lots of copy and pasting and processing in a spreadsheet.

Finally I recreated the following which I like to share (ZIP files below) with the community.:

Abbey Road Drummer (native instruments) EZ Drummer 2 (Toontrack) Studio Drummer (native instruments)
ARDr 80s Black.drm
ARDr 80s Chrome.drm
ARDr 60s Early.drm
ARDr 60s Late.drm
ARDr Modern Sparkle.drm
ARDr Modern White.drm

EZDr CustomShop Kit.drm

EZDr Modern Kit.drm

EZDr Vintage Kit.drm

StDr Garage Kit.drm

StDr Session Kit.drm

StDr Stadium Kit.drm

ARDr_DrumMaps_12-2019 (ZIP) EZDr_DrumMaps_12-2019 (ZIP) StDr_DrumMaps_12-2019 (ZIP)

Have fun ūüôā


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